EnergyX ERP

EnergyX ERP is build on an open-source ERP software framework called “ODOO” which is most widely used by different companies across the globe. EnergyX ERP provides numerous modules and business applications under one-roof such as Sales, Purchases, Warehouse, Accounting, Human Resources, Helpdesk, Manufacturing, Project Management, Website/e-Commerce etc. – helping to record the business data and transactions, tracking their status, enabling integration and inter-relationships between different business modules, developing and optimizing business workf lows, developing dashboards and deriving Reports to track the progress of business operations from Management perspective


Odoo gives you the ability to intelligently and efficiently manage leads, opportunities, tasks, issues, requests, bugs, campaigns, and claims. It automates key tasks such as communication, identification, prioritization, assignment, case resolution, and notification.

Sales Management

Odoo allows you to manage and classify your sales orders into a structured and hierarchical system. It gives you the ability to create new orders and review existing orders in their various states. Confirmation of an order can automatically trigger delivery of goods and invoicing.

Purchase Management

Odoo enables you to track your suppliers' quotations and convert them into Purchase Orders. Odoo provides several methods for invoice monitoring and for tracking receipts.


This key Odoo module covers General Ledger, cost accounting, accounts receivable & payable, tax management, budgets, electronic bank transfers, assets management, automatic invoicing, analytic controls, financial indicators, and statement management.

Point of Sales

With this Odoo module, you can easily manage all point of sales operations including sales, inventory, cash registry, and invoicing, for a global consolidated view of all your operations and your inventory.


Odoo allows you to manage your manufacturing operations with multi-level BOM, routings, and work centers. It gives you the ability to track work orders and also supports several planning methods like Make To Stock or Make To Order.

Key Features

Our features that make your work faster.

Project Management

Odoo allows you to manage your company's projects and tasks without any limitations. It provides you with the tools to handle multi- level sub-projects, to control tasks, to notify customers via e-mail, to schedule and prioritize assigned tasks. It also allows you to invoice based on task completion.

Warehouse Management

Odoo supports the management of multiple warehouses and structured stock locations. For each warehouse, inbound, outbound, and stock location can be defined.


EnergyX ERP work properly as per the user requirements, also the data and field validations work correctly in case of incomplete or inconsistent data


EnergyX ERP Software work on different Operating Systems (OS). based on "ODOO" which provides an open source software framework that is freely available, portable, redistributable, and the code can be easily modified.


EnergyX ERP software can handle increasing number of users, also it refers to its capacity to store, process, and retrieve large amount of data.

Ease of use

EnergyX ERP is easy to use and user-friendly, its developed functionalities, user navigations etc. Users feel EnergyX ERP simple and easy to use.

Why Should You Choose EnergyX ERP?


EnergyX ERP can be used by its users for different business functions. It focuses on basic functionalities and the developed customized functionalities are easy to understand and widely used by users.

EnergyX ERP offers multiple business benefits and hence helps the organizations to grow their businesses in an unprecedented manner. If a company's current ERP system lacks in the desired functionalities required to support its business operations, then it s time for the company to switch over to effective ERP systems like EnergyX ERP

EnergyX ERP provides a wealth of functionalities and features with numerous modules as per the business requirements which can be easily deployed to meet the business needs. EnergyX ERP provides an active support hence the stack of features and functionalities offered will always continue to increase as released by it in its newer versions. Since EnergyX ERP is highly modular, one can find the business modules which are needed to support the operations of a business and can benefit from its integrated solution