EnergyX PMIS

EnergyX PMIS is a comprehensive Project Management Information System designed to streamline your operations and ensure project success. Our flexible platform empowers you to manage every stage of the project lifecycle, from initial planning to final delivery.

Streamlined Order Management

Effortlessly manage marketing campaigns, capture and process orders, and ensure clear communication throughout the intake process.

Powerful Project Management Tools

Plan, schedule, and track project progress with ease. Assign tasks, collaborate with your team, and monitor deadlines to keep projects on track.

Elevate your business with our tools

Comprehensive Warehouse Management

Maintain accurate inventory levels, optimize storage space, and streamline picking, packing, and shipping processes for efficient warehouse operations.

Efficient Procurement and Vendor Management

Simplify vendor selection, track quotes and purchase orders, and maintain strong supplier relationships for a seamless procurement experience.

Integrated Financial Management

Gain real-time financial insights with integrated accounting features. Track project costs, generate reports, and ensure financial control throughout the project lifecycle.

Advanced Planning and Control

Leverage robust planning tools to forecast project needs, identify potential risks, and make data-driven decisions for optimal project control.

Delivery Operations Management

Optimize your delivery process with efficient dispatching and route planning. Track shipments in real-time and ensure timely delivery to your customers.

Enhanced Cost Control

Track project expenses meticulously, identify areas for cost optimization, and ensure projects stay within budget.

EnergyX PMIS adapts to your specific needs, offering customizable modules to manage marketing, procurement, project lifecycles, delivery operation, warehousing, accounting, and cost control. Our system empow​ers you to gain greater visibility, enhance collaboration, and optimize every stage of your project.