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This company offers innovative features that provide customers with valuable benefits, such as increased efficiency and cost savings.


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 Bulk Sign

Users can sign multiple documents at once.

 Self Sign

Users can sign documents independently.

 Sign and Request

Users can sign documents and request other users to sign the documents.

 Request From Other

Users can sign documents and request other users to sign the TSB documents.


Advantages resulting from the implementation of our product.


Digital certificates with certified electronic signatures have a high level of security using cryptographic techniques & Electronic Certificates that can be verified for authenticity and validity through the PDF verification feature on the page.

Time Efficiency

Streamlines the workflow between parties. With just an internet connection between parties, documents requiring signature approval can be easily obtained.

Cost Efficiency

The cost of printing paper documents is also reduced with this certified electronic signature, as the document format is digital or does not need to be printed. In addition, parties can obtain copies using the certified electronic signature of authorized officials, without going through the lengthy manual legalization process.

Accurate & Reliable

One of the challenges of using conventional signatures is that the signature pattern can vary and it is difficult to replicate exactly. Conventional signatures are also vulnerable to forgery. When using a certified electronic signature, the resulting signature is difficult to imitate or alter because it has a key pair for encryption and decryption. Electronic Certificates provide assurance of the authenticity of the electronic signature and the validity of the signer's identity.

Legal Effect Equivalent to a Wet Signature

The use of certified electronic signatures is regulated by law, taking into account the provisions of the Information and Electronic Transactions Law (ITE Law). This demonstrates that the use of certified electronic signatures has strong legal guarantees and is equivalent to wet or conventional signatures.